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S02E01 The Return of Harmony (Part 1) 谐律再临(上)
S02E02 The Return of Harmony (Part 2) 谐律再临(下)
S02E03 Lesson Zero 学无所成
S02E04 Luna Eclipsed 噩梦之夜
S02E05 Sisterhooves Social 姐妹情深
S02E06 The Cutie Pox 可爱谜痘
S02E07 May the Best Pet Win! 胜者为宠
S02E08 The Mysterious Mare Do Well 神秘救星
S02E09 Sweet and Elite 社交名马
S02E10 Secret of My Excess 生日厚礼
S02E11 Family Appreciation Day 家族荣誉
S02E12 Baby Cakes 保姆萍琪
S02E13 Hearth's Warming Eve 驱寒之夜
S02E14 The Last Roundup 千里寻踪
S02E15 The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 奸商兄弟
S02E16 Read It and Weep 欲罢不能
S02E17 Hearts and Hooves Day 连理风波
S02E18 A Friend in Deed 真心朋友
S02E19 Putting Your Hoof Down 毋庸客气
S02E20 It's About Time 回到未来
S02E21 Dragon Quest 巨龙之谜
S02E22 Hurricane Fluttershy 飓风使者
S02E23 Ponyville Confidential 马镇机密
S02E24 MMMystery on the Friendship Express 蛋糕谜案
S02E25 A Canterlot Wedding (Part 1) 皇城婚礼(上)
S02E26 A Canterlot Wedding (Part 2) 皇城婚礼(下)