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S06E01 The Crystalling - Part 1 水晶洗礼(上)
S06E02 The Crystalling - Part 2 水晶洗礼(下)
S06E03 The Gift of the Maud 礼尚往来
S06E04 On Your Marks 可爱使命
S06E05 Gauntlet of Fire 烈焰试炼
S06E06 No Second Prances 恶名难洗
S06E07 Newbie Dash 新兵黛西
S06E08 A Hearth's Warming Tail 驱寒颂歌
S06E09 The Saddle Row Review 开张幕后
S06E10 Applejack's Day Off 一日闲暇
S06E11 Flutter Brutter 严师益姐
S06E12 Spice Up Your Life 有滋有味
S06E13 Stranger Than Fan Fiction 真险假历
S06E14 The Cart Before the Ponies 喧宾夺主
S06E15 28 Pranks Later 玩笑惊变
S06E16 The Times They Are a Changeling 忘形之交
S06E17 Dungeons & Discords 龙马奇团
S06E18 Buckball Season 蹬球时节
S06E19 The Fault in our Cutie Marks 标记难题
S06E20 Viva Las Pegasus 欲擒故纵
S06E21 Every Little Thing She Does 不得要领
S06E22 P.P.O.V. 各执己见
S06E23 Where the Apple Lies 一错再错
S06E24 Top Bolt 比翼凌云
S06E25 To Where and Back Again Part I 阴影再临(上)
S06E26 To Where and Back Again Part II 阴影再临(下)