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S07E01 Celestial Advice 良师忠告
S07E02 All Bottled Up 瓶息怒火
S07E03 A Flurry of Emotions 心之骚动
S07E04 Rock Solid Friendship 情如磐石
S07E05 Fluttershy Leans In 蝶有所成
S07E06 Forever Filly 时过情存
S07E07 Parental Glideance 掌上明珠
S07E08 Hard to Say Anything 有口难开
S07E09 Honest Apple 实话实说
S07E10 A Royal Problem 姐妹阋墙
S07E11 Not Asking for Trouble 雪中送炭
S07E12 Discordant Harmony 东施效颦
S07E13 The Perfect Pear 并蒂连枝
S07E14 Fame and Misfortune 盛名之灾
S07E15 Triple Threat 三重难题
S07E16 Campfire Tales 营火传奇
S07E17 To Change a Changeling 逆形忠心
S07E18 Daring Done? 英雄气短
S07E19 It Isn't the Mane Thing About You 发毁心留
S07E20 A Health of Information 欲速不达
S07E21 Marks and Recreation 标记歪理
S07E22 Once upon a Zeppelin 飞艇苦旅
S07E23 Secrets and Pies 失派秘案
S07E24 Uncommon Bond 志趣难投
S07E25 Shadow Play - Part 1 光影对决(上)
S07E26 Shadow Play - Part 2 光影对决(下)