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S09E01 The Beginning of the End (Part 1) 终末之始(上)
S09E02 The Beginning of the End (Part 2) 终末之始(下)
S09E03 Uprooted 古树心芽
S09E04 Twilight's Seven 暮影特攻
S09E05 The Point of No Return 有借无还
S09E06 Common Ground 共同语言
S09E07 She's All Yak 遗形去牦
S09E08 Frenemies 亦敌亦友
S09E09 Sweet and Smoky 外焦里嫩
S09E10 Going to Seed 不泯童心
S09E11 Student Counsel 求闲若渴
S09E12 The Last Crusade 最终考验
S09E13 Between Dark and Dawn 日月之交
S09E14 The Last Laugh 笑容不再
S09E15 2,4,6, Greaaat 兴致使燃
S09E16 A Trivial Problem 小题大做
S09E17 The Summer Sun Setback “节”外生枝
S09E18 She Talks to Angel 换位思考
S09E19 Dragon Dropped 有朋同享
S09E20 A Horse Shoe In 按需设岗
S09E21 Daring Doubt 多面英雄
S09E22 Growing Up Is Hard to Do 成长烦恼
S09E23 The Big Mac Question 终身大事
S09E24 The Ending of the End (Part 1) 终末之末(上)
S09E25 The Ending of the End (Part 2) 终末之末(下)
S09E26 The Last Problem 最后难关